Whether you know the name @JoshJames or not, chances are, he’s impacted your life. Because even if you haven’t used one of his products directly, it’s almost guaranteed that sites you visit have used his software to analyze you, your preferences, and your online habits. And there’s a high likelihood that you’ve bought something because one of his clients (and by “his” I mean the first company he founded, Omniture) tailored an online experience for you.

But this article isn’t about James, Omniture (now Adobe Marketing Cloud), or ecommerce. Rather, today we’re going to focus on a topic that James prioritizes within his businesses (first Omniture and now #Domo).

Recently, at @SaaStrAnnual, the SaaS industry’s largest independent conference, James mentioned that he spends an appreciable amount of his time personally involved in _____.

What would you guess James spends his time on? He’s the founder and CEO of a rapidly growing technology company, who at a young age, already has an impressive track record of success—having sold Omniture for $1.8 billion. What do you think James dedicates his time to? Strategic planning? Product vision? Executive reviews? Undoubtedly he does all those things. Anything else?

But at #SaaStrAnnual, James elected to highlight hiring and recruiting. Wait a minute—isn’t that for HR and hiring managers?

Great employees can be the difference between your company’s success and failure. Having great employees requires identifying the traits, skills, and cultural fit that your company needs; searching for and finding those individuals; then recruiting them in ways that ensure you get the people you want.

In the multi-part series that will follow, we will explore various tips and suggestions on how to leverage marketing best practices in your recruiting and hiring efforts. And while we’re at it, we’ll highlight how you should be using these same tactics in your marketing and sales efforts as well.

Topics we’ll cover include:

  • Detailed identification
  • Proactive searching
  • The candidate/client experience
  • Playing hard to get

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